These maps are more than just a travel aid, they are masterful artworks of a brilliant craftsman and worthy of collection. – Sean
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AT08 Swartberg & Klein-Karoo #3 - 2021  (plus FREE Digital gift)

Slingsby Maps

AT08 Swartberg & Klein-Karoo #3 - 2021 (plus FREE Digital gift)

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3rd Edition touring map [Latest 2021]: Scale 1:160 000 [6.25cm = 10km] LAMINATED; Free download: 14Mb


Fully revised and now with scannable QR codes that open up masses of online info!

FREE DIGITALS ... when your paper map is ready for dispatch you'll get an email inviting you to download a FREE Zip file with a printable, double-sided A4 map of the famous Swartberg Hiking Trail

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The Swartberg is the mightiest mountain range in the Western Cape, with peaks up to 2400 metres, fantastic ravines, gorges and poorts, amazing mountain passes, lost corners and a history as rich as its flora and fauna. The mountains frame the northern edge of the Klein-Karoo, their mighty peaks and slopes dark and swart against the northering sun. 

As an former pilot and rampant traveller, now a dirt road bike rider, I have graduated from carrying a number of map books and GPS to relying 100% on Slingsby maps in the Cape. There are very few navigable tracks which are not shown on these maps, and the link to topography makes them just so much more interesting to use. Thank goodness you have brought out the Swartberg and Klein Karoo. Thanks for great value products! -- Rob Wilson  

The mountains and the Klein-Karoo provide a playground for tourists -- there are ostrich farms, wildlife parks, the Cango caves, endless fascination for explorers, and a richness of facilities and activities that's as good as you could find anywhere.

This is the first detailed map ever produced for the area; may it guide you on many an exciting journey of discovery.

 This double-sided, full-relief map covers, at a scale of 1:160 000, the entire Swartberg mountain range from west to east. North of the mountains the towns of Laingsburg, Prince Albert and Willowmore are included; through the Klein-Karoo the major towns are Ladismith, Calitzdorp, Oudtshoorn and De Rust. The southern boundary of the map is defined by the northern slopes of the Langeberg-Outeniqua range, with towns Barrydale, Vanwyksdorp, George and Uniondale.

  • All roads from National Highways to minor gravel roads are shown; the many classifications that indicate the quality of each road help you plan your route.
  • No less than 28 mountain passes are shown -- all are public roads!
    Distances are clearly shown; comprehensive 4 x 4 information.
  • GPS coordinates in DD MM SS format are provided for every road-junction.
  • All tourism facilities and accommodation establishments are shown in the out-of-town areas; there are insets of the major towns.
  • The map links to our maps of the Baviaanskloof, the Garden Route, Overberg and the Tankwa-Karoo.


  • A1 double-sided full colour map
  • Scale 1:160 000 (6.25cm = 10km) 20m contours; relief shading 
  • 5' Long/Lat grid 
  • Coords in DDMM.SS format at every road-junction
  • LAMINATED and TEAR RESISTANT in plastic sleeve
  • ISBN 978-1-920377-45-8

1. Our digital maps are effectively snapshots of our paper maps. They are not interactive [enlargement does not reveal greater detail] nor does removing elements, eg title pane, reveal more mapped area. That said, they can be enlarged or reduced to the limits of their resolution [300 dpi] with complete flexibility.
2. iPHONES: We have recently been made aware that some iPhones store picture content in the Cloud, not on the phone, necessitating downloads every time you want to use the map. Seems that Apple wasn't thinking about the vast areas of the earth with no wifi or phone reception. Work around this by installing a flash memory card in your phone if possible, so that the maps are always immediately available. This problem does not seem to occur on Android and other phones, as far as we know. Any info from users would be very helpful!
3. Please remember our recommendation: that you download your digital purchases to a laptop or other hard drive before transferring them [if required] to a tablet or smartphone.
4. Please note that digital products are NOT RETURNABLE! How could we possibly know whether they have been completely erased from all your devices? Please be fair!

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Customer Reviews

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Peter Krige
Smuts raid Anglo Boer War

I am using my Slingsby Map of the Southern Cape and Klein Karoo to trace the path of my ancestors who traversed the region during the second Anglo Boer war 1899-1902. My great uncle Petrus “Tottie” Krige was Smuts’ 2 i/c and brother-in-law besides being a land surveyor. On horseback using their hand-drawn maps they evaded the British army time and again using their knowledge of the terrain. A long way away from Slingsby Maps! To me it is an armchair adventure for which I thank you. Peter Krige.

Pam Bailey

Inspiring, minutely detailed maps which we can’t wait to use on our next adventure.

Christo Kotze
Everything we needed

Such wonderful attention to detail, not only on the map but with the delivery information also! Great quality and such a useful map to show to guests and send them off on a drive to explore the unexplored. Must think about adding these maps as a stock item to our shop!



Louis Conradie
Map Swartberg & Klein-Karoo (3rd edition)

Another quality map of the highest standard from the Slingsby- stall !
I never plan a trip, tour or vacation without consulting the corresponding Slingsby map and wherever I go the relevant map goes along, too!