These maps are more than just a travel aid, they are masterful artworks of a brilliant craftsman and worthy of collection. – Sean
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DAH04 Digital Hike the Cederberg #4 - 2021

Slingsby Maps

DAH04 Digital Hike the Cederberg #4 - 2021

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These maps are FABULOUS when loaded on a Smart Phone or Tablet ... online or offline!

NOTE: We recommend that zip files be downloaded to a PC or laptop, NOT directly to a phone or tablet. After unzipping, copy files to your Camera Gallery


The most up-to-date version [2021] of our famous Hike the Cederberg map set in digital format.

Our digital maps are supplied in 300 dpi jpg format. Files are uploaded as a single Zip file. PLEASE BE PATIENT; LARGE FILES TAKE TIME TO LOAD. Download size: 124Mb

After you have made your checkout payment [or we've received your POP for your EFT], you'll get an automatic email with download instructions. Simple as that! [but be aware that some files are large, so allow plenty of time for the download!]. 

You will be allowed a maximum of two downloads per product  [Zip file] purchased.

1. Our digital maps are effectively snapshots of our paper maps. They are not interactive [enlargement does not reveal greater detail] nor does removing elements, eg title pane, reveal more mapped area. That said, they can be enlarged or reduced to the limits of their resolution [300 dpi] with complete flexibility.
2. iPHONES: We have recently been made aware that some iPhones store picture content in the Cloud, not on the phone, necessitating downloads every time you want to use the map. Seems that Apple wasn't thinking about the vast areas of the earth with no wifi or phone reception. Work around this by installing a flash memory card in your phone if possible, so that the maps are always immediately available. This problem does not seem to occur on Android and other phones, as far as we know. Any info from users would be very helpful!
3. Please remember our recommendation: that you download your digital purchases to a laptop or other hard drive before transferring them [if required] to a tablet or smartphone.
4. Please note that digital products are NOT RETURNABLE! How could we possibly know whether they have been completely erased from all your devices? Please be fair!

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Customer Reviews

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David Barnes
A Georeferenced Version Would Get 5 Stars

These digital maps of the Cederberg are excellent and function very well on an Android tablet as an image equivalent of a paper map. Now all that is needed is a georeferenced version that can be opened in GIS software and used for planning routes to be uploaded on a GPS device. They could also be sold as a QGIS project that could be opened in the QField Android app, which can use the phone's GPS to show your location on the map.

Dave Knight
Cederberg Map

Excellent detail. Maybe map out further sources of potable water thats perennial? incredible map. Would be very very useful to be able to download into one of the mapping apps on a mobile phone as a GPX file or similar. This would be a big step.

Mark Jackson
The best hiking maps of the Cederberg available

I have owned the physical versions of these maps for several years and they have proved indispensable in hiking and exploring the Cederberg. They are detailed in a way nothing else available is, covering everything from campsites to water points (This is amazingly useful). They have enabled me to have many wonderful multi-day hikes through the Cederberg wilderness reserve that otherwise I never would have managed. They are also lovely maps in and of themselves, and I frequently get them open just to start imagining new hikes and paths I haven't explored.

In terms of the digital maps they are provided in high quality in several formats and the purchase process is simple. I was positively surprised to find that they are also updated versions over the ones I own.

The thing that I feel is missing is that they are not available in a geo-referenced file format or in a way that I can easily use them as a base map on a cellphone. Cellphones have largely replaced GPS devices for hiking, and I use a variety of different OpenStreets based maps on my phone to navigate these days. I would love to be able to have these Slingsby maps as a base or overlay available to use, as at the moment I am left creating customs maps and GPX filesets for export, transcribing info from these maps to digital ones for my personal use.

I carry the physical maps as a backup as there is still nothing quite as useful. But I would love to be able to just do this all on my phone on top of a windy mountain rather than having to carefully unfold sections and cower behind a rock.

At this point I have made my own personal geo-referenced versions, but cellphone programs that can read geo-referenced pdfs are few and far between and I'm left with expensive subscription options to get the functionality I want in terms of a Slingsby base layer and my own GPX POI's (turns out Avenza Maps is the only way I can find to do this).

Long story short, these are amazing maps and I would love to be able to use properly on my phone as well, either by purchasing them through the map stores in app (Avenza, Locus, Gaia, Caltopo etc) or if they were available in a geospatial format I could easily import.

But otherwise I want to say thank you for these maps, they feel like a work of love and have brought many amazing trips into my life that I think otherwise would never have happened.

David Edge
DAH04 Digital Hike the Cederberg #3

A very useful and attractive map

Piotr Jelitto

DAH04 Digital Hike the Cederberg #2 - 2015