These maps are more than just a travel aid, they are masterful artworks of a brilliant craftsman and worthy of collection. – Sean
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DSH01 Digital Hoerikwaggo and Table Mountain National Park SPECIAL

Slingsby Maps

DSH01 Digital Hoerikwaggo and Table Mountain National Park SPECIAL

R 550.00 R 640.00

AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE: Files are sent to you ANYWHERE; now discounted by nearly 15%!!

Upload to any SmartPhone or Tablet!

NOTE: We recommend that zip files be downloaded to a PC or laptop, NOT directly to a phone or tablet. After unzipping, copy files to your Camera Gallery

The latest versions of our three-map series of TM National Park maps:

* Table Mountain

* Silvermine and Hout Bay [with FREE pdf walks guide]

* Cape Point and Simons Town [with FREE pdf walks guide]

in jpg and pdf format

For more info about each of these maps see the Product Pages for the hardcopy versions. Digital maps are exactly the same as the hardcopy versions and do not contain extra information. 

All our digital maps except freebies are now supplied in BOTH 250 dpi jpg format AND in PDF-for-document-distribution format – you'll receive both versions [free maps are only in jpg format]. Pdfs might be password- and print-protected. Files are uploaded as a single Zip file. PLEASE BE PATIENT; LARGE FILES TAKE TIME TO LOAD. Download size: 292Mb

After you have made your checkout payment [or we've received your POP for your EFT], you'll get an automatic email with download instructions. Simple as that! [but be aware that some files are large, so allow plenty of time for the download!]. When you have unzipped the file you might find a file 'passwords.txt' in the map folder – this contains the passwords you must enter for some products to open your pdf files. The jpg files are not password protected.

You will be allowed a maximum of two downloads per product  [Zip file] purchased.

1. Our digital maps are effectively snapshots of our paper maps. They are not interactive [enlargement does not reveal greater detail] nor does removing elements, eg title pane, reveal more mapped area. That said, they can be enlarged or reduced to the limits of their resolution [300 dpi] with complete flexibility.
2. Both PDF and JPG versions are provided in the ZIP file. PDF versions are generally password and print protected. These are high resolution maps and are thus copyright protected to prevent unauthorised commercial reproduction. We recommend the use of JPGs on smart phones, so you don't have to enter the password every time you want to use the map. 
3. PLEASE NOTE that the relevant passwords are included in a 'passwords' file in the ZIP.
4. iPHONES: We have recently been made aware that some iPhones store picture content in the Cloud, not on the phone, necessitating downloads every time you want to use the map. Seems that Apple wasn't thinking about the vast areas of the earth with no wifi or phone reception. Work around this by installing a flash memory card in your phone if possible, so that the maps are always immediately available. This problem does not seem to occur on Android and other phones, as far as we know. Any info from users would be very helpful!
5. Please remember our recommendation: that you download your digital purchases to a laptop or other hard drive before transferring them [if required] to a tablet or smartphone.
6. Please note that digital products are NOT RETURNABLE! How could we possibly know whether they have been completely erased from all your devices? Please be fair!

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Customer Reviews

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Ross Tasker
Limited Use

The maps are great but an issue in the download means I have them on my laptop only and cannot access them on my phone. The limited number of downloads should be linked to user/login rather than devices

Kyle Heugh

DSH01 Digital Hoerikwaggo and Table Mountain National Park SPECIAL

Tracy Shaw
Compact Digital Maps

Really happy with my digital maps, more convenient to take with me in my pocket on my adventures.