These maps are more than just a travel aid, they are masterful artworks of a brilliant craftsman and worthy of collection. – Sean
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AT01 Baviaanskloof #5 - 2022 (plus FREE Digital gift)

Slingsby Maps

AT01 Baviaanskloof #5 - 2022 (plus FREE Digital gift)

R 175.00 R 200.00

5th Edition touring map [Latest: 2022]; Scale 1:125 000 [8cm = 10km] LAMINATED; Download gift size: 46Mb


FREE DIGITALS ... when your LAMINATED paper map is ready for dispatch you'll get an email inviting you to download a FREE .wmv file with a fascinating slide show of a trip through this famous kloof.

This map can also be purchased as a part of two SPECIALS – our great COMPLETE TOURING MAPS Special or our 5 x 4 x 4 HOLIDAY PACKAGE 

NOTE: All specials are ONLY available for shipping WITHIN South Africa

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Whether you're a hiker, mountain biker or 4x4 enthusiast this is the map you need for your visit to the spectacular Baviaanskloof. The map is fully GPS‑compatible and will enable you to explore this fabulous, rugged wilderness, its geological marvels, extraordinary flora and fauna, and the poignant reminders of its Khoisan past... Edition #5 includes the new Leopard Trail and several interactive features, with brilliant new cover pic by Elke Losskarn

Get Peter Slingsby's Baviaanskloof map – a Baviaanskloof adventure without it is like a house without a stoep. – Drive Out Mag 

The double sided map covers the whole Kloof from near Willowmore in the west to Patensie and Hankey in the east. It extends north to Cockscomb and south to the Long Kloof. It is the only comprehensive map of the whole of the Baviaanskloof Conservation Area, part of the Baviaanskloof Mega-Reserve and a World Heritage Site.

  • All roads, tracks, paths and 4x4 routes are marked.  
  • Full GPS details are shown at every major road junction in DD MM SS format.
  • Kilometre distances are indicated between major intersections.
  • 20 metre contours and delicate colour height-shading bring the extraordinary topography of the kloof to life.
  • All the latest tourism information, attractions and accommodation are on the map.
  • Contact details for all the places where you can stay are listed.

This is the most comprehensive, fully researched and detailed map of the Baviaanskloof ever published.


  • A2+ double-sided full colour map
  • Scale 1:125 000 (8cm = 10km) 
  • 20m contours; relief shading
  • 1' Long/Lat grid 
  • Coords in DD MM SS format at every road-junction
  • WATERPROOF and TEAR RESISTANT in plastic sleeve 
  • ISBN 978-1-920377-50-2


    1. Our digital maps are effectively snapshots of our paper maps. They are not interactive [enlargement does not reveal greater detail] nor does removing elements, eg title pane, reveal more mapped area. That said, they can be enlarged or reduced to the limits of their resolution [300 dpi] with complete flexibility.
    2. iPHONES: We have recently been made aware that some iPhones store picture content in the Cloud, not on the phone, necessitating downloads every time you want to use the map. Seems that Apple wasn't thinking about the vast areas of the earth with no wifi or phone reception. Work around this by installing a flash memory card in your phone if possible, so that the maps are always immediately available. This problem does not seem to occur on Android and other phones, as far as we know. Any info from users would be very helpful!
    3. Please remember our recommendation: that you download your digital purchases to a laptop or other hard drive before transferring them [if required] to a tablet or smartphone.
    4. Please note that digital products are NOT RETURNABLE! How could we possibly know whether they have been completely erased from all your devices? Please be fair!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Thea Coetzer
Baviaanskloof Map

As always the Slingsby Maps surpassed all other maps of the region.
With Slingsby Baviaanskloof we could locate with accuracy where we were and found the maps not only useful, but essential.

Roy Southey

Wonderfull reference

Herklaas Smit
Baviaanskloof #5

As will all the Slingsby maps this one does not disappoint. The detail is fantastic, and I see it as a must to have as it unlocks the accessibility of the Baviaanskloof. It makes planning for the trip so much easier and is an indispensable aid with your GPS.

Vincent Surics
Everything you need to know and more

Thoughtfully compiled with a great amount of information that is guaranteed to make the visits memorable and enjoyable.

Yolanda Kruger

Very good service. WE love your detail map.