These maps are more than just a travel aid, they are masterful artworks of a brilliant craftsman and worthy of collection. – Sean
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AH01 Table Mountain #15 - 2019 [plus FREE Digital gifts]

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AH01 Table Mountain #15 - 2019 [plus FREE Digital gifts]

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15th Edition hiking map [Latest: 2019]: Scale 1:20 000 [5cm = 1km] WATERPROOF. Gift Downloads: 37Mb

FREE DIGITALS - when your paper map is ready for dispatch you'll get an email inviting you to download a FREE Zip file with *4 jpg minimaps (Kirstenbosch, Lion's Head, Newlands Forest and Pipe Track/Contour path) plus 2 historic TM maps [1904 and 1974] 

And your paper maps will be dispatched to you as fast as we can!


TO CELEBRATE 50 YEARS OF SLINGSBY MAPS we have proudly released our Ultimate Edition of TABLE MOUNTAIN

with over 250 tweaks and changes, now on thicker waterproof paper
-- the best map of the mountain for 50 years!

Our ‘Table Mountain’ map can also be purchased in a 3 map SPECIAL that, with ‘Silvermine – Hout Bay’ and ‘Cape Point – Simon’s Town’, covers the whole Table Mountain National Park, with the Hoerikwaggo Trail; and also our SIX HIKING MAP SPECIAL   – and now also on our brilliant CAPE TOWN VISITOR'S HOLIDAY Special

If you prefer to purchase from a Retail Outlet near you, see stockists HERE 

“Table Mountain” is Map 1 in our 3 map series of the Table Mountain National Park.

This highly detailed map shows all approved paths on the mountain and includes full GPS information. The map shows the Hoerikwaggo and the People’s Trail, and covers the area from Signal Hill to Devil’s Peak and Llandudno to Constantia Nek and the Vlakkenberg Plateau. This is the only map of the mountain endorsed by the Table Mountain National Park, and approved by the Mountain Club of South Africa.

Slingsby maps are the best! Thanks to the maps we had the best time of our lives hiking around without worries. The trails are as described and the maps are so accurate, they give one a sense of security. Beautiful jobs! Save yourself a lot of troubles and headaches by ordering and buying the Slingsby maps.                                      – Brigitte Cohn, USA

Our Table Mountain Map is dedicated to the memory of the late Ed Coombe, who was my friend for fifty years and my partner in mapping for ten of those: he was a man of honour, a rare and worthy friend.

 NEW in this Edition are –

  • Distances and estimated times shown for all paths above the Contour Path or Pipe Track; 
  • Long/Lat grid at 10" intervals as well as the 200 metre square UTM grid; Completely revised vegetation distribution; 
  • Some vanished paths removed; some new ones added; 
  • Three Firs, Oudekraal Ravine and Constantia Corner routes upgraded; Clearer depiction of many features, including dangerous routes.

All the features for which the map is famous are still there:

  • All approved paths, with DD MM SS GPS coordinates for major junctions; 
  • 10 metre contours & delicate colour height shading bring the topography to life

The reverse side includes:

  • A sketch of the view from Maclear's Beacon, with names and distances to prominent peaks on the eastern horizon;
  • Written descriptions of 23 of the most popular routes, with distances and approximate times;
  • Important safety instructions, emergency telephone numbers, Cableway and National Park details, etc


  • A2+ full colour map
  • Scale 1:20 000 (5cm = 1km) 
  • 10m contours; relief shading 
  • 200m² UTM grid, WGS84 
  • 10" Long/Lat grid
  • Coords in DDMMSS format at important junctions
  • 23 Route descriptions 
  • Safety information & contact numbers
  • WATERPROOF and TEAR RESISTANT in plastic sleeve
  • ISBN 978-1-920377-30-4

1. Our digital maps are effectively snapshots of our paper maps. They are not interactive [enlargement does not reveal greater detail] nor does removing elements, eg title pane, reveal more mapped area. That said, they can be enlarged or reduced to the limits of their resolution [300 dpi] with complete flexibility.
2. iPHONES: We have recently been made aware that some iPhones store picture content in the Cloud, not on the phone, necessitating downloads every time you want to use the map.
3. Please remember our recommendation: that you download your digital purchases to a laptop or other hard drive before transferring them [if required] to a tablet or smartphone.
4. Please note that digital products are NOT RETURNABLE! How could we possibly know whether they have been completely erased from all your devices? 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Trevor Metrowich
My thoughts

Its clearly a very good map but even with my glasses I battle to see a lot. I would love to get the map in electonic format also so I can zoom into it

Kelly Shepherd
Love it!

Opening my new Table Mountain map led to my weekends being quickly filled with adventures to find caves and new paths. Love the detail and accuracy of these maps.

Barry Strick
Great Maps

Love the maps. oNly thing that is a bit misleading is that I’d assumed the “free digital gifts” included a digital version of the actual paper map, but that is a separate purchase, which I’ve made and very happy with it.

Tusk Adventures & Tours
Slingsby maps are great

We regularly make use of these awesome maps.
They are detailed and provide accurate information. Never hike without them, it could just turn out to be your lifesaver.

Michael Wilcox

Really useful

I'm loving walking with this map - no more wondering where this path goes or whether it joins up with that one. Everything is clearly marked and there's lots of useful info included.